About us

The Albertengo farm, a family business for several generations, is spread over an area of about 20 hectares and is located in the municipality of Revello.

Emiliano Albertengo, a young and dynamic agricultural entrepreneur, has been at the helm for ten years.

Our company

To meet the new market needs and to considerably reduce product waste, in 2018 our laboratory for processing raw materials grown in the company and the refrigerated cell for storage and conservation were born, structures that work using clean energy produced by solar systems and photovoltaic of the company

They are part of an already vast business sector consisting of a pig farm and zero-residue crops of fruit plants typical and not of the Po valley:

Apples divided into 5 varieties  –  Kiwi

Persimmon  –  Ramassin

Plums –  Blueberries in 3 varieties

Blackberries  –  Currant

Chestnuts  –  Goji

Who is Emiliano Albertengo

Albertengo Emiliano born in 1979, currently running the company supported by his wife Marta and little Camilla.

Following his establishment, Emiliano undertook a business expansion path, making the company autonomous from an energy point of view by equipping it with a solar and a photovoltaic system, he added to the traditional apple and kiwi cultivations present in the company new varieties of fruit including blueberries, ramassin, blackberries, goji and in recent years he has dedicated himself to the restructuring of existing company structures and the construction of a refrigerated cell and a laboratory for the transformation of snacks of dehydrated fruit, juices and compotes.

Our laboratory

The laboratory created and managed by the Albertengo family was born from the idea of reducing the waste of fruit grown on the farm to zero using clean energy.

The main product is dehydrated fruit and more precisely dehumidified cold thanks to a technology that allows the aroma, color and structure of the complex phyto to be maintained unaltered.

Ensuring the best organoleptic qualities, appearance and conservation, thus ensuring a superior product.

The dehydrated fruit processed without adding dyes, preservatives or sugars is accompanied by a small production of 100% apple fruit juices and compotes.

The 100% apple juices are made by blending 5 carefully chosen varieties of apples to ensure a unique and naturally sweet aroma. The clear aspect of the product is obtained thanks to the filtering of the juice following the deposit of the fruit pulp. The use of preservatives, dyes, sweeteners or sugars is not foreseen.

Fruit compotes are made using 92% fruit and 8% sugar for a pleasant texture without the use of thickeners.

Zero residue agriculture

In line with the company policy aimed at respecting the environment, the type of agriculture chosen is called integrated pest management

This type of approach involves:

  • a drastic reduction in the use of pesticides
  • the fight against harmful insects through the inclusion of natural predators and sexual confusers
  • the use of plants chosen for their persistence characteristics
  • the respect of the shortage times of pesticides which allows to reach the harvest of fruit with zero residue.